Call Analytics

Call analytics are the key to getting better insights on customer interactions that are used to enhance customer satisfaction, and improve operational performance of employees. Veriva call analytics has the ability to help companies analyse and quantify calls, according to factors that are affecting revenue growth.

Real-time reporting

Centralized Recording

Centralized recording and management provide organizations with anywhere, anytime access to different Veriva call recording systems. Users of Veriva CMS can analyze and combine their call recording data into a central depository on the cloud, allowing data from multiple sources to be accessible from a central system.

On The Cloud Storage

Compliance Recording

Veriva compliance recording ensures that you meet regulations at the most affordable price with the shortest implementation time. With an increased need to mitigate risks, firms such as contact centers and financial traders must keep records of every single conversation from and to the customers.

Recording Voice, SMS & Email


Trusted by Tier 1 Banks

Primarily used by bankers with millions of call tracking and logging, VERIVA provides extensive call analytics and automated call tagging functions suited for tracking and monitoring of calls for regulatory compliance.


Established In 24 by 7 Environments

To stay compliant, financial traders have to record all telephone conversations and electronic communications. VERIVA offers the perfect compliance recording solution for financial dealings, combining both app based and network based recording technology.


Cloud & on Premise Recording

Offering simple and cost effective cloud recording with on premise options, VERIVA satisfies real customer needs with same day ROI, making it more affordable to comply with corporate governance, risk and compliance management.

Our Solutions

Veriva call recording reduces misconduct risks and meets compliance through faster response to regulators with anywhere, anytime accessibility.

Call Recording System

CRM Station increases revenue by using automated call tracking analytics from call tagging features of customer's call history & interaction records.

Call Tagging & Transcriptions

Cloud call recording services and freedom to choose for both centralized and region-specific locations data repository, without comprising cyber-security guidelines.

Mobile Recording