Mobile Recording

Compliance Mobile voice recording meets MiFID II with recording Voice, SMS & Email interactions.

mobiVA Mobile Recording

Compliance Mobile recording is offered to financial institutions as part of compliance recording across different regions globally. mobiVA mobile recording is designed to ensure transparency to users with adequate control to meet corporate governance. Financial Institutions paid in fines of US$321 billion since 2007-2008 financial crisis for breaches of regulatory compliance. Main challenges facing financial institutions currently are having a centralized data repository to monitor and store customer interactions.

mobiVA provide financial institutions with cloud call recording services and freedom to choose for both centralized and region-specific locations data repository, without comprising cyber-security guidelines. Seamlessly integrated to any existing compliance banking infrastructure, customer interactions are recorded, encrypted and stored to your requirements.

mobiVA monitors and records voice, SMS and email interactions across smart phones and uploads all records to the cloud for long term archiving, and retrieval with disaster recovery and data protection management policies. Adapted to banking requirements, mobiVA mobile recording application assists you to meet FCA and MiFID II regulation instantly without infrastructure costs.

mobiVA – Mobile Recording Solution meets financial regulations, providing added value of:

  • Centralized Storage on the Cloud;
  • Gain insight to customer behaviors with Business Analytics to create new revenue stream;
  • Maintain customer’s trust by monitoring employee behavior across phone, SMS & emails;
  • Tagged with call metadata to preserve call interaction and integrity.

mobiVA – Preserving business integrity in an imminent agile world

  • REDUCE FINES with reduce financial misconduct.
  • MAINTAIN REPUTATION preserving business integrity.
  • EMPOWER EMPLOYEES while remaining compliant.
  • IDENTIFY NEW REVENUES by gaining insight into customer behavior.
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY by understanding mobile workforce traits.
  • RETAIN CUSTOMERS by resolving issues faster with proper data records for audit and investigation.