Centralized recording

Multi-tenant centralized recording-On-premise, Cloud & Hybrids  

Multi-tenant centralized recording provides enterprises with instant cost savings when departments can share recording systems with almost instant implementation without the infrastructure costs. Financial institutions are pursuing costs cutting strategies to improve operation optimization within branches, reducing operation costs and minimizing duplicate roles. In line with cloud technology advancements, VERIVA call recording has evolved from a single recording architecture to distributed recording capabilities.

Understanding the need for costs cutting measures in the competitive financial institution landscape, VERIVA Centralized Management System (CMS) is designed to give financial institutions with the freedom to access all systems from a single location, with the ability of sharing recorders privately.

Centralized recording with data depository on the cloud resolves having duplicate roles to monitor or replay voice files, as interaction call data are frequently required by HQ and other departments to facilitate risk management, corporate governance and audit purposes. VERIVA Centralized Management, includes an integrated approach in accessing call records instantly and efficiently, streamlining operations of the Bank’s business process.



Key Features:

Anytime, anywhere access

VERIVA Centralized Management can be accessed via web browser. Any updates and patches for the solution will be seamlessly done, contrasts with desktop application based solution which requires installation on every PC.

Playback Call across branches or systems

This centralized solution enables user to search and playback calls, as well as export the recorded audio file from their branches.

Manage and monitor alert notifications across systems

Multiple call recording systems can be monitored to ensure maximum uptime service across locations. Support teams can react faster to fault detection, and resolve problems maintaining service levels.

Reporting Dashboard

Provide summary of information such as call trends, based on time and frequency, with comprehensive reports indicating health conditions of each call recording system.

Record Schedules

Review and update the recording schedule or apply record on demand feature is now easier.