Customer Interaction Analytics Ensures Compliance in Call Recording  

Customer interaction analytics provide an insight to business performance and customer loyalty. Featuring Call Analytics, Call Tagging, Centralized Cloud Storage & Mobile Recording, to meet FCA & MiFID II Call Recording Compliance.

Automated customer interaction analytics with reports, provide financial institutions with the possibility of creating departmental specific KPIs that are measurable. Extensively customizable to user specific requirements from trades to business specific transactions, VERIVA interaction data are compiled and displayed with detail revenue and costs model, reducing customer’s implementation efforts. Analytics insight is the key to staying competitive with the latest customer demands and trends. Most users use data analytics in their daily operations to improve process efficiencies and better understand their customers.

Veriva Call Interaction Analytics reporting templates are readily available for end users that are unfamiliar with database and processing tools for big data. Having a large installed base of mainly financial institutions, we understand specific departmental requirements when implementing analytics to overcome data gaps.


Key Features

  • Single display of multiple data sources in a single dashboard;
  • Consolidation of information from operation aspects of the business;
  • Flexible & easy accessibility to both creator and end user for automated dashboard templates or on-demand charts;
  • Labour intensive process is replaced with automated report generation;
  • Dynamic Business Intelligence processing increases efficiency;
  • Real-time data tabulation from various sources, providing a complete perspective.