Veriva 3i model offers VoIP multimedia recording for enterprises on IP-PBXs/VoIP soft and hard-phones. The solution provides intelligent recording of VoIP interactions based on schedule, on demand or continuous recording, dependent on user requirements in call centres. Most call centres seek specific solutions to meet their operation demands like training and quality monitoring, business intelligence with reporting from call recordings. Veriva 3i is compatible with major IP/PBXs utilized in call centre environments with manager and agent desktop stations. The Veriva 3i offers a resilient and scalable solution from 10 agents to a maximum of 240 in total. Veriva 3i provides call centre managers with additional quality monitoring and multimedia recording options that improve business operations. With an extensive range of modules made available, call centre managers are given the flexibility of monitoring even without presence. Veriva 3i options automate and minimize human interactions in call centre operations, to maintain and increase efficiency.

Veriva 3i Features

  • Multi-site VoIP call recording applications, or medium to large scale VoIP networks;
  • Multi-channel support for VoIP, H.323 and SIP protocols;
  • Supports both Active and Passive VoIP call recording from 10 to 240 channels;
  • Bulk and on-demand recording features for call centres;
  • Call Recording Codec options in WAV, G.711, G.726, MS-GSM format;
  • Optional Call Centre Modules;

Veriva 3i Product Information

Product Model3i
Product VersionIP Based
System Platform
System Hardware (Optional)4U - 19'' Rackmount Chassis
(3 PCI/PCI-e Slot)
Operating SystemWindows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 R2
Minimum Channels10
Maximum Channels240
Hard Disk RAID availableYes
Online Storage Capacity (hours)70,000
Standalone one unitYes
Required add-on computer for accessNo
Archive Storage MediumRDX, Network Storage
Line Interface Type
Analog PSTNNo
Digital PABX ExtensionNo
PCM 30No
Compression Algorithm Employed
Multiple algorithms supported?Yes
Compression Algorithm SupportedMS GSM as standard (option available for G.711,G.723,G.729A)
User Selectable Algorithm?Yes
Default Compression Algorithm UsedMS GSM
Default Compression Ratio13 Kb/s
Channel Name CustomizationYes
Interface Type for User Control
(*Optional - Not included in Price)
Monitor,Keyboard & Mouse
User Administration CreationYes
Recording Mode Trigger
Line Activity (VOX)Yes
Off Hook DetectYes
Ring tone DetectYes
Continous RecordingNo
DTMF DetectYes
Caller ID DetectYes
Relay ContactYes
On-Demand RecordingYes
Schedule RecordingYes
Search & Retrieval Criteria
Dialed Out Number (DTMF)Yes
Analog Incoming Caller IDYes
Start Date & TimeYes
Call DirectionYes
Call DurationYes
Caller ID for ISDNYes
Caller ID for Digital PABXYes
Transaction IDYes
User FlagsYes
Agent Login NameYes
User CommentsYes
Remote Client Access Software
Remote Network AccessYes
Call Centre Agent Log-InYes
Screen CaptureYes
Multiple Channel Playback10
Total Synchronous Playback Channels4
Total Sequential Playback ChannelsNo
Variable Speed PlaybackYes
Variable Pitch PlaybackYes
Live Monitoring on LocalYes
Live Monitoring Access NetworkYes
Reporting ModuleYes
Audit TrailYes
Security LogYes
Email Alert for AlarmsYes
Audible Alarms
Application HangYes
Line Interface Board FailureYes
Activity Threshold ExceedeYes
Hard Drive Impending FailuresYes
Archive Drive FailureYes
Alarm Outputs InterfaceYes
Instant Alarm Popup across networkYes
Other Features
Agent EvaluationYes
Quality MonitoringYes
Comment Field for each callYes
Synchronize Screen & Audio PlaybackYes
SDK/CTI Interface CapabilityYes