Cloud PBX

The Cloud-based PBX is an IP PBX that runs on the cloud. Built with all the features of any IP PBX, the Cloud PBX can gives you mobility without the infrastructure costs. With the Cloud PBX, your monthly long distance calls costs are fixed. There is no time limit and no limitation on calls.

ONE FIXED MONTHLY PRICE with no hidden costs.

Call Control Features

Call Traffic Capacity per seat

Call Storage Limit per seat

Call Redial

Call Park and Pickup

Dial by Name

Emergency Dialing

Music on Hold

Do Not Disturb

Call Return

Call Transfer

Call Forwarding

Transfer to Voicemail

Spam Calls Screening

Hot Desking

Night Number

Black/White Listing

Wake up Call

Request Call Details

Block Caller ID

Caller ID Control

Standard Office Extension

- 500 calls per month

- For storing and managing call data records

- Call Recording is not available

5 GB per month for call data records only

Supervisor Extension

- 500 calls per month

- 25 calls per day for 25 working days per month

- 3.5 calls per hour for for 8 hours workday with 1 hour lunchbreak

- Averaging 42 mins on the phone every hour for 7 hours

15 GB per month OR 100 recorded hours

100 recorded hours per month OR 12 mins per call for 500 calls per month

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Unified Communications Features


Email Notifications

Voicemail to Email

Fax to Email

Conference Scheduling

Mobile App on Android

SMS Notification*

Busy Lamp Field

Standard Office Extension

Supervisor Extension

Call Centre Functionalities

Automatic Call Distribution

Custom IVRs

Auto Attendants

Call Groups

Queue Management

Usage Management

4 hour call recording storage for immediate access

Call Barge-In

Call Teach

Call Listen-In

Standard Office Extension

Supervisor Extension

Mobility Integration

Mobile App Integration

User Web Portal

Simultaneous Ring

Attendant Console Panel

Standard Office Extension

Supervisor Extension