Call Centre Solutions


The CRM Station consists of a customized solution to increase customer confidence through a complete approach in tracking customer call centre & interaction records.

With its dynamic architecture, CRM Station enables unified cross-channel communications, with an application platform that enables you to rapidly deploy robust functionality to seamlessly and efficiently manage all customer interactions. CRM station modules are CTI ready with integration to PBX systems, ACD or IVR systems via TAPI protocols.

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With increasing competition in financial trading, the TRADERSTATION offers an integrated and comprehensive solution to building customer loyalty across all key financial market sectors, including forex, money and equity financial markets. The TRADERSTATION gives financial traders an insight into their customers’ profile, streamlining processes across the value chain.

Designed to work with any CTI systems that is TAPI (Telephony Applications Program Interface) compliant in a financial trading environment, this solution offers financial specific capabilities.  Complete records of all interactions from an organization with the customers allow traders to provide a consistent and unified response, when dealing with the same customer. Maintaining a consistent and unified view generates higher customer satisfaction in a time critical business.

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