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Rivastor MeetingIQ is a tool that enhances meeting productivity by using advanced technology to automatically capture, transcribe, and summarize your meetings, saving you time and effort.

Rivastor MeetingIQ is designed for individuals and teams who attend numerous meetings, especially in financial institutions and corporations.

Finding Key Points: Automatically summarizes meetings and highlights important points.
Compliance Issues: Identifies potential problems to ensure rule-following.
Data Security: Stores meeting information on-site for complete data control.

Save Time: Avoid hours of reviewing recordings for important information.
Improve Compliance: Ensure adherence to rules and regulations.
Boost Security: Keep your meeting data safe and secure on-premises.
Gain Insights: Understand meeting sentiment and emotions to improve communication and teamwork.

Integration: Connects to your video conferencing software (e.g., MS Teams, Zoom).
Recording: Automatically records meetings.
AI Analysis: Uses AI to understand and summarize discussions.
Output: Provides summaries, key points, action items, and potential compliance issues.

No, Rivastor MeetingIQ is user-friendly and includes a training video to help you get started.

Yes, Rivastor MeetingIQ can store your meeting data on-premises, giving you full control over your information, unlike other solutions that store data in the cloud.

On-Premises Storage: Keeps your data secure and under your control.
Multilingual Support: Transcribes and translates meetings in multiple languages.
Sentiment and Emotion Analysis: Helps you understand the mood and feelings of participants.

Rivastor MeetingIQ transforms meetings from time sinks into productive sessions by providing clear summaries, tracking action items, and facilitating strategic discussions.

Yes, Rivastor MeetingIQ seamlessly integrates with popular video conferencing tools like MS Teams, Zoom, and others, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Visit our website, sign up, select your desired plan, and follow the email instructions to provide additional information about your business and the social media accounts you want to monitor. You’ll receive a confirmation email to activate your account.


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