Veriva Business Mobility Suite

Veriva Mobile

Veriva Mobile is a cloud-based archiving solution that consolidates multimedia communications transpired on a mobile device to a single centralized system. Designed to work across ubiquitous mobile devices and desktops, Veriva Mobile automatically archives telephone calls and video calls onto the Veriva Cloud to help businesses keep track of customer interactions and adhere to regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

Mobiva Jobtracker

The Mobiva Enterprise is a mobile application that runs on the Mobiva Cloud Platform. It is designed for any business regardless of size to manage their mobile workforce by using essential tools to monitor, track and evaluate work performance and employee-customer interaction of their mobile employees.

Veriva Messaging

Designed for organizations who want to understand their customers better, Veriva Messaging offers a simple and effective way to increase customer loyalty and drive up customer engagement. Using A2P (Application to Person) messaging Veriva Messaging aims to offer retailers better insight into their customers’ wants and needs by sending out emotion-based surveys to capture how their customer feel about their product and services.

The Veriva Messaging dashboard offers actionable intelligence for businesses and enable them to pivot and react accordingly based on survey results gathered from their marketing campaigns.

Mobiva Citizen

An end to end cloud-based incident management platform focused on disaster response and emergency management aimed at reducing disaster and epidemic risks. First responder agencies and local government units will be empowered with essential command and control tools to help them increase emergency preparedness for any imminent disaster or crisis. A community sharing mobile application, Mobiva Citizen targets to built safer communities by filling the gap between citizens and local authorities by offering a fast and accurate way to disseminate critical information and a real-time disaster monitoring capability that enables local authorities to receive timely information to respond faster and save lives in any emergency or crisis.


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