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AI Empowerment

Strategy Enhancement

Customer Engagement

Rivastor provides transformative AI insights surpassing conventional approaches. It aids in refining strategies, bolstering customer engagement, and driving innovation. With a design focused on optimizing social media efforts, Rivastor redefines audience comprehension and engagement.

Transform Your RoleThe Ultimate Tools Every Chief Information Officer Needs.

AI Empowerment

Rivastor’s AI solutions surpass traditional data analysis, revealing profound insights. Advanced AI algorithms empower CIOs with nuanced patterns, sentiments, and customer behavior insights. This depth enables strategic decisions based on comprehensive market understanding, granting a competitive edge.

Strategy Enhancement

Infusing AI insights into strategies, services, and products is transformative. CIOs can predict trends, ensuring agile alignment with market shifts. As advocates for AI strategies, CIOs shape proactive futures, seizing opportunities and managing risks effectively.

Customer Engagement

CIOs armed with Rivastor’s AI insights fuel personalized customer interactions. Understanding emotions and preferences drives tailored solutions, proactive issue resolution, and enduring customer loyalty, cementing relationships for business growth.

AI insights empower CIOs to predict customer needs and emotions, transforming interactions and elevating business connection with its audience.

Rivastor AI-Powered SolutionsElevating Insights for CIOs

Rivastor UnifyCom : Holistic Surveillance Hub

Introducing a unified communication platform for compliance and record-keeping. CIOs ensure secure integration, empowering effective collaboration while safeguarding data integrity.

Rivastor stores communications records from various online platforms for Long Term Retention including :

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Zoom Phone
  • Voice calls from Cloud PBX
  • WhatsApp Text Messages
  • Email Servers
  • Viber Text Messages
  • Google Meet
  • MS Teams

Unified Platform for long-term data retention and record-keeping.

Rivastor EmotexAI : Increase Customer Value with
AI Emotional Insights

Discover how cognitive AI captures emotions across communication channels like WhatsApp, Viber, calls, and emails. CIOs can leverage these insights for profound customer understanding and business success, aligning strategies with customer sentiments.

Monitoring Various Company Communications Channel

Applying Sentiment and Emotion Analysis

Flag message

AI-driven Insights on Dashboards

Monitoring Various Company Communications Channel

Applying Sentiment and Emotion Analysis

Flag message

AI-driven Insights on Dashboards

Discover how AI captures emotions across various communications channels, social media networks and emails, deepening customer insights and boosting business success.

Rivastor ChatConvert+ : Convert Conversations. Drive Sales

AI transforms conversations into promising sales leads. CIOs play a crucial role in deploying chat intelligence for amplified sales strategies, bridging the gap between customer interaction and conversion.

ChatConvert+ flags possible sales leads

Possible leads are stored in the database

Qualified Leads

Harness chat intelligence: our solution turns conversations across platforms into sales leads, systematically arranged for timely sales actions.

Rivastor Interceptor : Sentiment Intelligence Watchdog

AI surveillance detects cyber threats from online conversations. CIOs champion the implementation of cybercrime surveillance, fortifying security measures through advanced sentiment analysis.

Interceptor monitors across multiple chat groups and red flags messages based on security criteria

Flagged chat


Discover digital threats with our cybercrime surveillance. Our tools scan chats across platforms, identifying potential criminal activity. Receive instant alerts, archive them for review, and swiftly inform field officers via mobile app for immediate action.

Elevate Decisions with AI Insights, Sentiment Analysis and AI-driven Communications Surveillance

Unified Dashboard

Get centralized, real-time data for swift, cross-departmental decisions.

Sentiment Analysis

Use AI to tap into public sentiment for informed strategy.

Emotion Detection

Detect emotional nuances in customer interactions to boost engagement.

Customized Alerts

Receive tailored alerts for timely response and enhanced customer interactions.

Competitor Analysis

Compare your brand’s performance for an innovative edge through customer insights.

Integration Flexibility

With Rivastor, enjoy seamless integration across all communication platforms.

Secure Data Handling

Collaborate with teams while prioritizing data security and compliance.

Cyber Threat Surveillance

AI-driven monitoring protects against online security threats.

Seamless Integration for Effortless Insights :

Connect Channels : Integrate various social media platforms seamlessly.
API Compatibility : Explore our API options for tailored integration.
Collaborate with Ease : Share insights with your team using collaborative features.

Step into the future of leadership with Rivastor. Elevate strategies, enhance engagement, and revolutionize customer insights. Embrace AI’s power and unleash unparalleled possibilities for your business.


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