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VerivaCMS – Integrated Unified Communications Insights Suite.

and keyword extraction, this suite offers invaluable insights into your communication interactions across PBX Extensions, MS Teams Meetings, and Zoom Calls. With its cloud-native architecture, enjoy seamless scalability and flexibility, enabling you to optimize your workflows across voice calls, video calls, chat messages, and more. Stay ahead of the curve and drive success with our comprehensive suite of unified communications analytics.

Options for connecting via voice or video, including PBX extensions, MS Teams meetings, and Zoom calls (requires Zoom Phone API and Zoom Pro License, not included).

Standard Features are the fundamental tools or capabilities that come automatically with the subscription plan. These are the basic functionalities needed for using the platform effectively.

Advanced Features are the additional tools or capabilities that go beyond the basic functionalities included in the subscription plan. These features offer more specialized or advanced functionalities to meet specific needs or requirements.

AI features incorporate advanced technologies like sentiment analysis, emotion detection, translation, and keyword extraction to enhance data analysis and decision-making. They help in understanding user sentiments, identifying emotions in text or speech, translating languages, extracting key information, and providing valuable insights from data.

Options to expand the capabilities and user access within the system. This may include adding more resources, accommodating additional users, and incorporating new features to meet growing demands or evolving business requirements.


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