We are happy to announce that Veriva Systems has partnered with Vodia Networks to provide an integrated Call Recording Platform to its valued customers. The history of Vodia Networks goes back to the year 2005, when there was very limited choice for multi-tenant PBX products. The Vodia PBX was built to run in public and private clouds from day one on virtual machines. It is a cloud-based IPPBX that runs on a multi-tenant platform allowing users to deploy intra office communications easily by using our web-portal or mobile app.

The software uses the SIP standard and works well with most of the available VoIP phones in the market. Automatic provisioning is available for the mainstream VoIP phones. A built-in session border controller makes sure that users can use the PBX from inside and outside the corporate network. The PBX supports a mix of multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Vodia has picked up industry trends like WebRTC and integrated them into the product. Now customers that need a desktop phone can just use the web browser to do their telephone calls in the office. The WebRTC technology is also taken outside of the PBX product, for example the Vodia Android app. The unique set of requirements of the PBX has shaped a code base that can be taken into other areas in the VoIP area and outside.

Vodia is based in Boston, Massachusetts (USA) with a global network of locations and partners that live the dream of the ubiquitous internet availability not only for web but also for voice traffic. The Vodia logo represents the urge to continuously deliver new products and features that work around the clock, similar to a steam locomotive that keeps puffing along.

Please call Vodia to learn more about how Vodia PBX combined with Veriva’s solutions can help your company provide better services and expand your business.

Thank you,

Veriva Systems

Wesley Clover Solutions and Veriva announce partnership in Malaysia

Veriva, a specialist in call compliance and Trader-Voice, has announced that it has signed to be a Reseller Partner of the Wesley Clover Solutions Eclipse trading system mobility platform. According to Wendy Leong at Veriva, “we think Wesley Clover Solutions is critical for dealing rooms in the age of Covid-19. True Mobility at last, with the Eclipse Voice Trading Platform. Covid-19 has changed the way we work and working from the office to home should be seamless and fast. The Wesley Clover Eclipse Trading Platform is the only trading turret that is built with true mobility in mind. Designed with feature-rich functionalities for traders combined with plug and play mobility, the Eclipse Turret packs a punch in a size smaller than an A4 paper. Traders can now work from home or office easily and financial institutions can keep their dealing rooms functioning at full capacity while reducing operational and financial risks in the age of Covid-19.”

Olle Cederberg, CEO of Wesley Clover Solutions, says “As we continue executing our global expansion strategy, we are pleased with this new partnership. Veriva’s expertise within Trader Voice, and understanding of the local market, will position us well to develop business together in Malaysia.”

Financial institutions can capitalize on the agility of the Eclipse Voice Trading Platform to reduce maintenance costs for a separate disaster recovery trading room. True trader mobility means that there is no need to maintain real-estate for dealing room business continuity planning but rather have an operational Eclipse server in any data centre that traders can just plug into from anywhere when the need arises.



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