Veriva call recording solutions are targeted at Financial Institution’s inbound and outbound call centers to improve business operational efficiency through automating processes that are normally handled by employees. In order to speed revenue growth while maintaining costs, these recording solutions handle high traffic call volume conditions. The architecture of Veriva call recording solutions allow any customer to choose among the following optional modules for to suit their business requirements.

VEalert is designed to assist call centre managers to be alerted in real-time if there is a sudden drop in interactions by agent or if there is a failure in the recordings caused by external factors.

Threshold provides user with the flexibility of receiving alerts based on customized or standard settings. In some call centres, managers that implement a performance based rewarding system strategy, VEalert is utilized to segregate agents that are poor or excellent in handling calls. Managers can specify the minimum threshold values and maximum threshold values in percentage form.

With many systems in call centre architectures, Call Centre managers often find themselves with huge amounts of valuable data. However, compilation and analyzing of these data into readable metrics are often difficult in a short time frame. Managers have been searching for a solution that provides them with a 360 degree view of the call centre performance.

VEreport provides performance reports in both graphical diagrams for simplicity and detail listings for detail reporting. Once configured, reports can be set as templates for other users to run automatically with emails to management at scheduled times.

Real-time monitoring has become a key factor in ensuring the productivity of agents. VElive assist supervisors to improve call handling and customer service through live support, monitoring and coaching when necessary.

Remote administrators can silently monitor calls and view screens at real-time for specified agents.

VElive is designed for supervisors to control live agent interactions where they can control the screen while the agent keeps control of the call without customers knowing that the agent is getting invaluable real-time training. As the supervisor is involved in the call from start to finish, each successful call outcome boosts the agent’s knowledge, confidence and performance providing continuous agent development and improvement.

Screen recording functionality is often required for all agents in customer call centers to ensure compliance and tracking purposes. Supervisors use VEcapture to record screen activities of the agent silently via a secured VPN. In a call centre, capturing of both screen and audio interactions simultaneously is a key factor.

VEcapture adds flexibility to managers through multiple recording settings like global recording, time triggers, event triggers and pause recording.

On job supervisors are provided with live audio with screen access together to maximize productivity and training. During remote access, supervisors can choose to record the intervention via VEcapture (Integrated Call & Screen Recording) for training or compliance purposes.

The system manages access restriction rights between Agents and Supervisors based on pre-configurable settings. Accesses between parties are logged for audit trail purposes and secured with AES or 3DES encryption to protect data from being intercepted over the network connection by third parties.

VEplay and VErecord are designed to enable any authorized personnel to access recording functionalities in a call centre business, without compromising on costs. Developed based on server license, personnel can choose to utilize either the Desktop or Phone access to instantly retrieval or record a conversation based on demand.

For access via DTMF, VErecord and VEplay provides user with the capabilities to record with a PIN or replay recorded calls via IVR (Interactive Voice Response) upon keying in of the pre-set PIN authentication.

For access via Desktop Application VErecord in Desktop application provides user with a one-button access to begin recording and the option to stop automatically or via manual stop. As for VEplay, users can replay calls based on the date and time indicated by the user through a dynamic search engine by the system.


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