There is NO option for user. If you need to delete or archive any calls from online storage, please ensure you have administrator access. This is can performed via VERIVA GUI in Schedule Tab, File Deletion Period.

Each subscriber is provided with a personal access details containing the web access, username & password for playback via browser during first time registration. Please contact your administrator for your access details

Please ensure you are using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browser. Recorded files cannot be replayed using mobile phone or tablets.

Please check with your administrator and PABX provider as the system may be recording noise in the line or the recording method is incorrectly configured.

Phone numbers are detected via DTMF for outgoing calls. For incoming calls, please ensure you have subscribe to your telecom provider for Incoming Caller ID. Or if you are using PABX digital extensions, please ensure your PABX provider has configured for the display. If you are using a phone model with display, and you can see the numbers displayed, please provide us with your PABX phone model during assistance at support@verivasystems.com.

Your recording configurations may be incorrect, leading to constant recording despite a call is not made or received. There are some phone models like NEC has an open mic issue, where the phone is constantly live due to sound being detected from surroundings. Please contact us at support@verivasystems.com with your phone model & recording method.

VERIVA supports Windows 7 & 10 Professional on PC, and Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019 on Server.

To ensure VERIVA applications are running, please open VERIVA GUI, and select Logs, to check on current statuses. If the recording application is not running, calls will not be recorded. If the recording engine is not running, you will not be able to retrieve or recover these calls. To check on any errors, please go to VEalert GUI to check on any related issues of the system and its statuses.

For every 1 hour recorded call duration, the file size is approximately 5.85 MB.

Software information can be found in VERIVA GUI’s “About” Tab

The beeping sound is an alarm that VERIVA has detected. Please access VEalert GUI to access current alarms. These alarms need to be manually acknowledged. If you are unsure what these alarms meant, please contact support@verivasystems with alarm IDs, and details.

Depending on the VERIVA software edition you have subscribed, currently on Enterprise edition provide you with Novabackup to perform multiple back up destinations.


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