Veriva CMS Call Recording System: Enhancing Supervision and Reporting

Veriva CMS Call Recording System: Enhancing Supervision and Reporting

Explore the Power of VerivaCMS

Digital Dashboard Display

Supervisors can gain instant insights with individualized dashboards, effortlessly monitoring group call activities.

Customizable Wallboard Display

Empower remote supervision with Veriva’s digital wallboard, enabling team leaders to assess performance from anywhere, creating a macro view of agent activity. Customize metrics for real-time comparisons.

Custom Call Reports

No more shared admin accounts for reports. Administrators can access customized reports for teams or individuals, aligning them with performance metrics on telephony traffic.

Flexible Playback Selection

Our user-friendly Veriva CMS dashboard simplifies call location with diverse selection criteria. Retrieve calls swiftly, based on captured call data records from the PBX.

Use Case 1: Enhancing Remote Supervision

Remote Call Center Manager

Veriva CMS empowers remote call center managers to monitor and supervise their agents’ activities from any location. With customized digital wallboard displays, they can assess team performance in real time, ensuring that customer service quality remains high whether agents are working from home or the office.

Use Case 2: Personalized Reporting

Call Center Administrator

For call center administrators, Veriva CMS offers individualized and customizable call reports. They can access detailed reports based on teams or individual agents, enabling them to track performance metrics and telephony traffic efficiently. This feature ensures that administrators can tailor their reporting to specific needs and objectives.

Use Case 3: Swift Call Retrieval

Call Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality assurance analysts rely on Veriva CMS’s user-friendly dashboard to quickly locate and retrieve calls for review. The system’s flexible playback selection allows them to apply various criteria for call retrieval, streamlining the quality assurance process and ensuring customer service excellence.

Use Case 4: Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Officer

Compliance officers can utilize Veriva CMS to monitor and ensure regulatory compliance. The system records and archives all calls made through the TraderVoice platform, providing a robust audit trail for compliance purposes. This is essential for financial institutions and organizations subject to strict regulatory requirements.


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