Rehumanizing the workplace to the Post Pandemic Economy by transforming best practices with business mobility solutions. We help organizations to operate efficiently in the age of COVID-19 workplace by empowering employees to work from anywhere.

Veriva has been providing compliance management solutions to banking and financial institutions for the past two decades. Today, Veriva offers transformative business management tools to get your business ready for the next normal. Our cloud-based business mobility solutions help organizations to recover operational efficiency and productivity while adhering to corporate governance and regulatory compliance guidelines. Veriva enables businesses to align resources effectively and become more dynamic with digital transformation.

Veriva business mobility suite is ready to empower your team with essential tools for the next normal workplace.

In a post-pandemic economy, business owners need affordable real-world solutions that can help them increase resiliency under the new digital economy. Incorporating a “safe” workforce with new workplace protocols is essential for any business today. Businesses can verify workforce health status to reduce operational risk in frontline employees easily using the mobile device.

Our business mobility tools drive the post-pandemic recovery of businesses through:

  • Daily pre-entry health assessment with mobile attendance.
  • Simple process to record customer contacts upon entry while adhering to regulatory guidelines.
  • Transforming employees to multi-functional roles by automating a paper-based process with a smartphone and reducing wastage in human resources.
  • Submission of expense claims by workforce according to job assignments.
  • Scheduling and grouping employees into clusters by matching work hours and break times.
  • Capturing and archiving online meetings for monitoring compliance and operations tracking.
  • Assigning and dispatching tasks remotely to the employee’s mobile device.

Businesses of any size can begin capitalizing on the post-pandemic economy by leveraging on mobile technology to ease transitions to the next normal workplace. Using Veriva’s digitally enabled cloud-ready platform, business owners can focus on generating income instead of wasting time on adhering to new workplace policies.