Vision Statement:

Veriva Systems envisions a future where seamless communications surveillance and compliance are integral to every financial institution and corporation globally. We aspire to be at the forefront of innovative, user-centric technologies, fostering an environment of trust and integrity in business communications. Our goal is to set industry benchmarks for simplicity and efficiency, shaping a landscape where regulatory compliance is synonymous with effortless management and reliability.

Mission Statement:

Veriva Systems is revolutionizing financial compliance with our innovative, easy-to-use platform. We simplify data surveillance for financial institutions and corporates, ensuring seamless compliance management across various data sources. Our commitment is to empower clients with advanced, efficient technology solutions, transforming compliance into a strategic advantage and leading the way towards a future of smarter, more reliable financial practices.

Our Core Values

Innovation and Excellence in Communication and Compliance: We are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that extend beyond financial compliance to encompass communication surveillance in call centers and brand reputation protection. Our commitment to excellence drives us to develop cutting-edge technology that empowers organizations to manage complex compliance landscapes and communication channels with ease. By staying ahead of the curve in regulatory and reputational challenges, we ensure our clients not only safeguard their financial integrity but also maintain the highest standards in customer interactions and brand reputation.

User-Centricity and Simplicity: We place our users at the heart of our innovation. We are committed to designing solutions that are not only powerful but also intuitive and easy to use. Understanding that ease of use is crucial for effective compliance and communication management, we constantly refine our technology to ensure it is accessible, user-friendly, and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our goal is to make complex processes simple, enabling our clients to focus on their core business with the confidence that their compliance and communication needs are seamlessly managed.

Commitment to Excellence and Integrity: Our dedication extends to setting the highest standards in communications surveillance for the financial services industry. We deliver robust and user-friendly solutions, ensuring reliability and ease in adapting to evolving communication challenges. With a steadfast commitment to integrity in all our interactions, we build strong, trust-based relationships and uphold professional excellence. Our clients can confidently rely on our technology for their comprehensive communications surveillance needs.

Product Offerings

Veriva Compliance Platform

Our flagship product, Veriva CMS is an advanced call recording system that boosts supervision and reporting in call centers. It features a digital dashboard for real-time monitoring and a customizable wallboard display for remote supervision. The system offers tailored call reports for administrators and flexible playback options for quality assurance analysts. Importantly, it ensures regulatory compliance by recording and archiving calls, essential for financial and compliance-focused organizations.

Veriva Mobile

Veriva Mobile is a robust mobile call management solution that records, stores, and manages mobile phone calls securely on the cloud. It enables businesses to adopt a Work from Anywhere approach by securely capturing and storing all business calls via the mobile application. Key features include secure storage of recorded calls on the cloud or on-premises, a personal virtual number for separating personal and work calls, and compatibility with Android and iOS under BYOD. It also offers centralized call management, multi-criteria search for call retrieval, compliance features for financial institutions, and end-to-end encrypted data transfer. Veriva Mobile is particularly beneficial for virtual call centres, businesses adapting to remote work, financial services, and for marketers and researchers.

Rivastor AI

Rivastor is an AI-driven communications platform that significantly transforms business communications for different industries. It automates customer service, enhances call centre efficiency, and utilizes Natural Language Processing for monitoring various data sources. The platform aids in data-driven decision-making and bolsters internal communications, thereby increasing employee productivity and promoting efficiency and accuracy. This comprehensive AI integration positions Rivastor as a crucial tool for any organization, optimizing both external and internal communication processes.

Vodia Telephony Platform

Complementing the Veriva Product Suite, Vodia Networks offers a transformative B2B Communication Platform, enabling service providers to diversify their offerings and optimize operations in the telecommunications industry. It features a multi-tenant VoIP capability, enhancing revenue growth and customer satisfaction. The platform is scalable and easy to manage, designed to meet the evolving needs of B2B clients. It ensures high-quality communication with robust security features, essential for compliance-driven industries. Additionally, Vodia integrates AI and other innovations, positioning service providers as advanced partners in the B2B communication sector.

Remote Work Solutions

Mobiva’s Jobtracker is an advanced enterprise work collaboration platform, ideally suited for the future of work, particularly for remote teams. It simplifies team management by merging workflow automation with real-time data sharing, allowing for the creation of customized workflows and access to insightful data through intuitive dashboards, all without the need for coding. Furthermore, Jobtracker stands out as a comprehensive mobile workforce management tool, equipped with geotagging, and dictation reporting. It functions as a cloud-based mobile dispatching, tracking, and reporting platform, capturing real-time site data to maintain authenticity and enhance the productivity of mobile workforces.

Value Added Proposition

Regulatory Compliance and Data Sovereignty: Ensures strict adherence to financial regulations and local data laws, a critical aspect for any organization in financial sectors or subjected to regulatory compliance.

Data Ownership and Security: Prioritizes data ownership and security, aligning with the stringent privacy and protection needs of financial institutions.

Enhanced Supervision and Reporting: Advanced tools for automated supervision and detailed reporting accessible from anywhere cater to the need for transparency and control in surveillance officers.

Centralized Repository and Long-term Storage: Offers a consolidated platform for efficient data management and secure long-term storage, crucial for audit trails and compliance.

Consultation and Customization: Provides tailored solutions to align with specific organizational requirements, which is vital for Chief Technology Officers or Chief Information Officers looking to integrate solutions seamlessly into their existing infrastructure.

Solution Modules

Compliance and Monitoring Suite

Targeted at Compliance Officers and Quality Assurance Analysts, this suite offers comprehensive tools for real-time monitoring and reporting of communication compliance within financial institutions. It’s designed to simplify the compliance officer’s task of overseeing various communication channels, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards, and reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Call Centre Monitoring Suite

Tailored for call centre managers and team leaders, this module focuses on quality assurance and regulatory compliance in customer interactions. It helps the call centre manager to monitor calls, flag potential issues, and ensure that customer service representatives adhere to both company standards and regulatory requirements.

Whistleblower Management System

This system is specifically designed for risk management leaders who need to establish and maintain secure, anonymous reporting channels within their organization. It provides tools for confidentially managing whistleblower reports, ensuring prompt and appropriate responses to each case. The system aids in identifying potential internal risks and compliance breaches, while upholding the integrity of the reporting process and protecting the anonymity of whistleblowers. This is vital for risk management professionals looking to foster a transparent and ethical workplace culture.

Brand Reputation Management Tool

Designed for Head of Marketing, this tool focuses on monitoring and managing the company’s brand reputation across various communication platforms. It provides insights into customer sentiment, alerts on potential PR crises, and tools to manage brand image, crucial for a marketing director seeking to maintain and enhance the company’s public perception.

Unifed Data Management and Data Analysis Module

This solution is designed for IT Administrators and Data Managers, this suite allows for centralized management of various data sources, where a set of advanced tools is provided to collect, analyse, and report on communication dataIt offers capabilities for deep data mining, trend analysis, and predictive insights, helping analysts to uncover potential compliance risks or operational inefficiencies.

Key Milestones

Years in Operation

2006 - Current

Since 2006, we have been on a journey that began humbly with a tier-one bank as a valued customer, leading to almost two decades of innovation in the global voice logging market.

Completed Projects

342 projects

Our track record includes the successful delivery of 342 projects, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Number of Customers

10,000 users

We’ve had the privilege of serving almost 10,000 users over the years, with a significant portion based in Malaysia, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Awards and Recognitions

5 patents
18 trademarks

Holding 5 patents and 18 trademarks showcases our innovative achievements, industry leadership, and dedication to delivering pioneering solutions.

Milestones Achieved


Rivastor, our ground-breaking product, stands as our latest achievement, extending our market presence, expanding our horizons, and propelling us to greater heights.

Collaborative Ventures


We are proud of our partnerships, such as our collaboration with Vodia Networks, reflecting our commitment to building meaningful connections with renowned organizations and brands.

Customer SuccessReal-World Impact: A Glimpse of Veriva's Client Success

At Veriva, we prioritize real-world results that translate into meaningful benefits for our clients. Consider the following scenario to understand how Veriva’s innovative solutions have a direct impact.

Client Challenge:

An international financial institution with a diverse portfolio of communication channels needed a comprehensive solution to streamline compliance management and enhance operational efficiency. Their existing communication systems were complex, leading to compliance challenges, increased risk of regulatory breaches, and a strain on resources.

Veriva's Solution:

Leveraging our advanced technologies, we provided a unified platform that integrated seamlessly with the client’s existing infrastructure, while also optimizing their communications and surveillance workflows. Our cloud-agnostic solution allowed them to choose between cloud-based and on-premises options, ensuring the utmost flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency.


The client experienced a significant transformation in their communications compliance management. Our platform simplified data surveillance across multiple channels, enabling easy access and quick response to compliance requirements. This resulted in improved operational efficiency, reduced compliance risks, and a streamlined process for managing critical customer interactions.

Future VisionAt Veriva, we are driven by a future vision that embodies our unwavering commitment to innovation and expansion. Our core mission is to redefine communications surveillance through cutting-edge technology, setting new industry standards for efficiency and compliance. Here's a closer look at our future vision:

Innovation at the Heart: Innovation is the cornerstone of our journey. We continually seek innovative solutions to enhance financial compliance management, keeping pace with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Our ongoing investment in research and development, particularly in areas like Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, reflects our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. This focus on innovation is integral to our vision of inspiring a new era of confidence and innovation in the industry.

Strategic Expansion: Our commitment extends beyond technology. We envision a future where compliance is not merely an obligation but an opportunity. As we continue to refine and expand our product offerings, we aim to create a global footprint, serving a diverse range of industries and markets. Our solutions empower businesses to align their resources effectively and embrace digital transformation. As we take each stride, we set the stage for fostering trust, efficiency, and growth within every sector we serve.

Partnering for Success: Our vision includes building collaborative ventures that amplify our impact. Partnerships, like our collaboration with Vodia Networks, exemplify our commitment to creating meaningful connections with renowned organizations and brands. These partnerships extend the reach of our solutions and contribute to our journey towards becoming a global leader in regulatory technology (RegTech).

Sustainability and Responsibility"MyLife" Initiative
(CSR Corporate Discount, A Pledge to Support Your CSR Initiatives)

Environmental Commitment:

Enable organizations to make data-driven decisions by connecting to real-time data sources, streamlining data integration, and providing insights to drive effective action.

Deliver scalable and secure cloud computing solutions while optimizing resource usage.

Embrace automated data accuracy to enhance the efficient use of human capital.

Offer a Data Analytics Dashboard to assess channel utilization, service ratios per employee, office-specific usage, and remote vs. office work comparisons.

Societal Engagement:

Encourage our customers to join us in making a difference by contributing to their company’s CSR programs. Veriva stands by your commitment and matches your donation.

Contribute to underprivileged children’s education and support women and their children in rebuilding their lives through our Women’s Aid program.

Promote transparency through our Giving Pledge and provide CSR Discount % options in all quotations.

Facilitate connections with your CSR team to collaborate in saving lives.

Champion quality education for our future generations to enhance their quality of life and make a meaningful impact on women and children in need.

Governance and Inclusivity:

Uphold principles of gender diversity and equality at all levels to achieve operational excellence.

Cultivate a culture of women empowering women, promoting women’s empowerment through development, decision-making, and family welfare.

Foster a strong entrepreneurial culture, ensuring accountability and collaboration within our teams.

Commit to operational excellence by aligning with best practices in data privacy and protection, aiming to build trust with customers.


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