RIVASTOR : Redefining Insights, Refining Engagement, Revolutionizing Strategy

Rivastor provides transformative AI insights surpassing conventional approaches. It aids in refining strategies, bolstering customer engagement, and driving innovation. With a design focused on optimizing social media efforts, Rivastor redefines audience comprehension and engagement.

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VERIVA CMS : Powering Productivity through Real-time Monitoring, Remote Access, and Capturing Clarity for Rapid Decisions and Delivering Insights.

Veriva CMS offers mobile and on-premise voice call recording with AI-driven voice-to-text transcription and data analytics. Veriva Call Recording modules are designed for real-time monitoring, providing administrators instant access to the platform to oversee remote site operations within the network. Tracking remote site systems and accessing pre-recorded call playback is made effortless through our centralized playback and alarm monitoring module, available via our Enterprise-ready communications platform.

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TRADERVOICE CONNECT : Securely Captures, Stores and Manages Mobile Phone Calls On The Cloud For Future Retrieval.

TraderVoice Connect securely captures and manages your business phone calls on the cloud, making them easily accessible for compliance and business purposes. Our solution is device-agnostic, making it an ideal choice for businesses adopting a work-from-anywhere approach. With TraderVoice Connect, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of managing and protecting your communication records.

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VERIVA TELEPHONY PLATFORM : Where Communication Meets Efficiency for Business Growth

Whether you’re transitioning to the cloud or managing a feature-rich call centre, we simplify infrastructure complexities. Seamlessly synchronized with Microsoft Teams, our solution optimizes communication and collaboration workflows, equipped with advanced call centre features such as call recording, lead management, call routing, data analytics, and reporting. Select between our cloud-based or on-premises options to gain enhanced flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency, empowering your business to focus on core operations and foster growth.

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MOBIVA SUITE : Unifying Workforce, Powering Agility, Anywhere, Anytime.

Mobiva Suite acts as the nucleus of your business operations, seamlessly uniting workflows, data, and your workforce in one integrated platform. Its robust data management and collaboration tools offer real-time access to vital information, empowering your team to make swift, well-informed decisions from anywhere. Fostering a ‘Work From Anywhere’ culture, Mobiva Suite enhances agility and productivity, positioning your business for success in the digital era of remote work.

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Where Compliance Meets Confidence in Communication.


Data consolidation reduces complexities and reduces overall operational and maintenance costs.


Surveillance officers can access recorded data easily from a centralized location from work or at home.


Combining multiple data sources across different channels to a single technology platform.


A simple interface used across smartphones, desktop computers or VoIP phones for multiple sign-ons across different communication channels whether working remotely or in the office.


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