Veriva has been providing compliance management solutions to banking and financial institutions for the past two decades. Today, Veriva offers transformative business management tools to get your business ready for the next normal. Our cloud-based business mobility solutions help organizations to recover operational efficiency and productivity while adhering to corporate governance and regulatory compliance guidelines. Veriva enables businesses to align resources effectively and become more dynamic with digital transformation.

Decades of Compliance Expertise: Emphasizes Veriva’s extensive experience in providing compliance management solutions to banking and financial institutions for over two decades, establishing trust and credibility.

Transformative Business Management Tools: Communicates that Veriva offers tools that can transform your business operations, preparing it for the future.

Cloud-Based Business Mobility Solutions: Highlights the modern and flexible cloud-based solutions provided by Veriva, which enable organizations to regain operational efficiency and productivity.

Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance: Underlines Veriva’s commitment to helping businesses maintain compliance with corporate governance and regulatory guidelines, a crucial aspect for financial institutions.

Resource Alignment and Digital Transformation: Promotes the idea that Veriva’s solutions empower businesses to align their resources effectively and embrace digital transformation, making them more dynamic and adaptable.

Streamlined Customer Interaction Records: Mentions the unique capability of Veriva to simplify critical customer interaction records through a combination of visualization and data analytics, demonstrating innovation in the field.

We simplify critical customer interaction records by combining visualization with data analytics.

VERIVACloud based end to end compliance management platform.

Veriva Platform is a cloud-based end to end compliance platform designed for financial institutions or any businesses that need to be compliant to regulatory guidelines. The Veriva Platform offers automatic recording and archiving of virtual meetings and audio recordings. All files recorded are stored on the cloud securely to meet the compliance guidelines. Organizations can view insights using our data analytics module on their employee or customer interactions and maintain proper bookkeeping of customer transactions under financial compliance guidelines.

Cloud Storage

In line with cloud technology advancements, VERIVA call recording has evolved from a single recording architecture to distributed recording capabilities.

Call Tracking

Veriva integrated call tracking application automatically tag calls based on defined criteria for categorizing your calls within a contact field.

Call Analytics

Veriva Call Interaction Analytics reporting templates are readily available for end-users that are unfamiliar with database and processing tools for big data.

Call Recording

Veriva integrated call recording platform enables enterprises to share recording systems with almost instant implementation without high infrastructure costs.

Call Transcription

Automatically transcribe audio from multiple languages in real-time. Rapidly identify and transcribe the recorded conversation for text analytics.

Call Playback

Call replay via web access based on user policies. While listening to a call, you can include color-flags, add remarks, and download the call for your own storage.

Quality Monitoring

Quality monitoring integrated with call recording encourages continuous agent development and improvement with invaluable real-time training, boosting agent’s knowledge and confidence.

Dashboard Statistics

The dashboard provides performance reports in both graphical diagrams for simplicity and overview of business metrics for quick comparison between time-periods.


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