Mobile Communications and Data Archiving platform for compliance management.

Veriva Mobile is a cloud-based archiving solution that consolidates multimedia communications transpired on a mobile device to a single centralized system. Designed to work across ubiquitous mobile devices and desktops, Veriva Mobile automatically archives telephone calls and video calls onto the Veriva Cloud to help businesses keep track of customer interactions and adhere to regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

Enterprise mobile application

Veriva Mobile automatically stores recorded files to the cloud for long term storage. These records are organized and indexed in a database for easy retrieval later. Organizations are provided with an easy to use interface when retrieving recorded data.

Once the data is uploaded to Veriva Mobile’s CMS Platform (Centralized Management System), organizations can access, manage and control accordingly to meet regulatory standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS or GDPR to store legacy data or data that they are required to keep. Together on the same platform, Veriva Mobile offers integration modules for Data, Speech and Voice Analytics, empowering businesses with actionable intelligence and insightful customer data to increase operational efficiency and workforce productivity.

Veriva Mobile offers:

• Automatic archiving of voice and video communications recording from mobile device or desktop to the cloud securely for long term storage.
• Access, manage and retrieve recorded data from anywhere through the internet using a web browser on any device.
• Supports any video recording including Zoom and Skype recording.


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