Veriva 3i model offers VoIP multimedia recording for enterprises on IP-PBXs/VoIP soft and hard-phones. The solution provides intelligent recording of VoIP interactions based on schedule, on demand or continuous recording, dependent on user requirements in call centres. Most call centres seek specific solutions to meet their operation demands like training and quality monitoring, business intelligence with reporting from call recordings. Veriva 3i is compatible with major IP/PBXs utilized in call centre environments with manager and agent desktop stations. The Veriva 3i offers a resilient and scalable solution from 10 agents to a maximum of 240 in total. Veriva 3i provides call centre managers with additional quality monitoring and multimedia recording options that improve business operations. With an extensive range of modules made available, call centre managers are given the flexibility of monitoring even without presence. Veriva 3i options automate and minimize human interactions in call centre operations, to maintain and increase efficiency.


  • Multi-site VoIP call recording applications, or medium to large scale VoIP networks;
  • Multi-channel support for VoIP, H.323 and SIP protocols;
  • Supports both Active and Passive VoIP call recording from 10 to 240 channels;
  • Bulk and on-demand recording features for call centres;
  • Call Recording Codec options in WAV, G.711, G.726, MS-GSM format;
  • Optional Call Centre Modules;


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