Vodia’s cloud-ready PBX software can help enable businesses to build office communications infrastructure network very quickly by embracing Vodia’s Hosted PBX model forgoing the need for high technology investment costs. With a multi-tenant portal, customers can each have their own private web portal which realize economies of scale and drive down costs by eliminating dedicated servers for each individual customer. The subscription-based PBX pricing model can help keep IT costs consistent or even lower than packaged software for businesses. In the end, businesses save costs on two fronts e.g equipment investment and HR investment. With Vodia Webtalk, IT operations is lower as there is no need to keep a large headcount for IT support as all system is fully accessible from the cloud. With a low set up fee and startup cost, Vodia Webtalk can support businesses of any size with a fast deployment time.


Small offices, such as lawyers, doctors, shops, restaurants, cafés etc. all need to access the Internet, preferably including Wi-Fi, and use the phone. Some might still have a landline telephony contract from way back when and added Internet access later on, paying two separate providers for their services and at the same time missing out on comfort functions modern telephony systems offer.

What if Internet access and telephony needs could all be served from one tiny box? And all from one and the same service provider? One - probably lower - bill to pay instead of two. And the convenience of modern telephony, with the ability to easily scale the system to changing needs. If you are looking for an integrated solution to provide telephony, Internet and Wi-Fi for your office, you have come to the right place.


Vodia IO is all you need for your business communication needs. The WLAN router sports an integrated dedicated, proven Voice-over-IP telephony system, a DECT base station (for connecting cordless phones) and FXS ports (for connecting analog phones or faxes). It is based on the Intel® router platform and represents one of the most reliable Internet/WLAN/telephony solutions.

Vodia IO can be used with modern SIP phones, analog phones, smartphones, and it can even turn your Internet browser into a phone (with headphones and mic connected).


If you are a craftsperson or a manufacturer with a relatively small shop floor/workshop and a separate office or any kind of agency with only a few employees your choice, unfortunately, is not as obvious and largely depends on what you already have at your disposal.

Should you not yet have an Internet connection then your best choice would probably be Vodia IO, the WLAN router with our telephony system already integrated - the all-in-one communications solution.

If you are already connected to the Internet and just need a powerful and versatile telephony system, Vodia IOP might
Isoap, contains our rock-solid and feature-rich telephony software on a state-of-the-art embedded server and enable up to 16 simultaneous calls.

If you have a competent IT department and are running a server anyway you might consider hosting our PBX software on your own server.

Or you leave it all to an external Internet telephony service provider and have your telephony system installed and run in the cloud. Use it with the IP phones of your choice.


Corporations with hundreds and thousands of employees face challenges that require a telephony solution that not only serves a wide range of feature and device requirements but also is tightly integrated into the business processes.

Those integrations are possible with standard business software, but they are also possible with in-house solutions. If needed, the PBX backend can be programmed specifically to meet the needs of the environment. The PBX itself can be programmed through an extensive REST API, including providing access without the need for a user login.

While availability is an important issue for all business, it is even more so for corporations. Designed for 24/7 operations and matured on the public Internet as hosted PBX, the Vodia PBX can be set up for failover operations in the private cloud and provides the reporting that helps keep the service healthy.

In-house call centers need to deliver a caller experience that matches outsourced call center operators. Managers receive automated reports on that experience and on the performance of the agents and can take actions to adjust the customer experience.

If needed the PBX can be run hosted on-premise, segmenting the corporation into business units and campus solutions that each can define access rights to call pickup and call reporting. Reporting can be tailored and even limited to specific needs, for example to deal with compliance requirements. The PBX is also available as private cloud hosted PBX.

Reporting can be tailored and even limited to specific needs, for example to deal with compliance requirements. The PBX is also available as private cloud hosted PBX.


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